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Capturing That  Magic  Moment

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In the spring of 1983 I was about to become a parent for the first time.  I wondered what I could do to celebrate our baby’s birth in a unique and permanent way. Flowers and a card for mother, plus a soft teddy bear for our new baby were obvious. I wondered what I could do that would be a lasting reminder of this incredible moment in time. Something that would last for our life time and our child’s too, and could even be available to future generations....

 From childhood I had an interest in making and reading maps, both ancient and modern. After much thought, the answer to my question was suddenly apparent. Although I did not know the terminology at the time, what I wanted was a Natal Chart. A Natal chart is a map of the heavens coinciding with the very moment a child takes their very first breath. Over the following months I learnt to draw up an accurate Natal Chart and be able to decipher its hidden secrets. I have of course continued my studies over the following years, and developed the unique Starchild Chart Art that we now offer.

 My reference books are going yellow and falling apart with age, and so have now been replaced with the best software on the market. Using only quality materials, our aim is to provide you a Quality Natal Chart that stands the test of time.

 Starchild would be proud to be part of your child’s very precious first moments, and make those moments last a lifetime for you.

Daniel at his Christening with his proud Parents. 1983

What is a Art Chart?  A Art chart is a map drawn up to show the positions of the planets in the heavens at the very moment your child took there first breath.  I have has been constructing charts since 1983 It would be my pleasure to construct a chart to celebrate your child’s special moment in time.


 21 September



Tax Auditor, Nutritionist, Professional House cleaner, Executive Assistant, Statistician , Archivist, Systems Analyst, Technician, Welder

Meticulous, discriminating, pure, practical, health conscious, hard working. Show the best in Virgo. But Virgo watch out if the chart has hard aspects  this can result in them  being  hyper-critical, petty and perfectionist. Hard to live with

 August 23 at 10:38  to  September 23 08.09am

to  August 21 at  05:20


Out with old and in with the New

A new design is replacing the chart on the left. Still available in blue and pink as standard for children the chart now come in several deferent coloured inner trims for adults. See the on line store for more details

Looking for something deferent Baby New born Bibs with the star sign or picture of your choice. Also baby jump suits to celbrate a birth or christning

Prices start from £9.99 for a pair


1937 – J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is published.

Even-handed, harmonious, artistic, diplomatic, balancing, strong sense of fairness. Al strong elements of the Libra  sprit on the Darker side Can be over-compromising, appeasing, judgmental.


Guidance Counsellor, Art   Beautician/Stylist,Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator ,Human Resources, Lawyer, Referee, Mediator, Architect.


September 08:09 to October 23 17:45

On This Day Happy Birthday To Everyone That Shares There Birthday Today

Charles Lawson

Liam Gallagher

Faris Badwan



I wondered what I could do to celebrate our baby’s birth in a unique and permanent way

September Birthstone  Sapphire

It is very import to note what time your child was born as Sun enter Virgo at  23 September at 8:30 am (G.M.T)


My Very Own Testament

1792 – French Revolution: the National Convention declares France a republic and abolishes the absolute monarchy.